How it all works

I-Navigator+ an inclusive National Referral and Client Management Platform, facilitating community connections and delivering comprehensive support

Holistic directory of services hub 

Accessible support for All 

I-Navigator+ is an online hub that provides a platform for making meaningful connections that make a difference to individuals lives.

Quick, instant, secure referrals to high quality support services from the National directory. The up-to-date comprehensive directory provides accessibility to tailored support to address a range of holistic needs, ensuring comprehensive care and wellbeing.

A secure seamless referral with tracking of referrals and user feedback to ensure you get you the help you need for your clients quickly and easily.

Client Management Platform

 Placing the client at the centre of their care

I-Navigator+ seamlessly supports all daily client management activities from triaging new clients, recording notes to making referrals whilst tracking the patient journey and capturing key health and wellbeing data and has been designed with person centred care teams in mind.

Experience the power of efficient and comprehensive client support with I-Navigator+ freeing up valuable time for frontline workers to prioritise their clients over administrative tasks.  

Empowering Independence in Care

Self- referral pathways allow clients to take control of their own care, keep in touch with professionals, engage with local community services, book and manage appointments and track individual health and wellbeing progress. 

01. Create An Account

Whether you are one person delivering a service in your community or a larger organisation, you will need to set up an account. All we need is your name, the name of your organisation and your email address. You will then be asked to create a password.

02. Submit Your Listing

Now tell us about your service (or organisation). You will be asked for information that will be displayed on our website. This includes the location(s), the type of service that you provide and a description, opening hours and session information. This will allow people looking for help to filter and find the most appropriate service for them.

03. Get Approval

Once you have submitted your Listing, we will review and verify your information. You will then receive an email to confirm that your Listing is live on our website.